Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's Sunday evening and I have not had the most nutritious of weeks. Today, I went to the baseball game (Cardinals lost – boo, hiss) so I ate ballpark nachos supreme, which are a particular weakness of mine. I'm usually not much of a nacho eater, although I am a big fan of Tex Mex and Mexican food. At the ballpark, though, I can't wait to dig in. And I don't like to share, so nobody asks - much!

I had my ballpark nachos and then ended up getting Mexican food later, too. The sit down meal was so dreadful, however, I feel like I ate the most nutritious part and left the rest. The only drawback is that now I have a stomach ache (TOO much chili powder; I like heat, but this was just harsh!) and I just HATE to go to a restaurant and get bad food. It just makes me feel deprived. Feeling deprived makes me eat compulsively, even if I feel sick. So far, I am resisting that really bad idea. But the compulsion is weighing heavy on my mind.

So, I'm looking forward to a new week of improvement in nutritious living. I am planning several days of dinner ahead: pasta with summer squash and pine nuts in an al fresco tomato sauce, oven-fried chicken breasts, open-faced steakburgers, tandoori chicken with broiled vegetables. All of this food falls on the more nutritious end of the continuum and it is all stuff that I find very satisfying.

Now, the good news about today is that I got some walking in. It wasn't pretty and I didn't like it, but not much you can do about it if you want to go to the ball game and you don't care to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I plan to resist that as long as I can. So I'm hurting this evening, but I'm pretty satisfied with my activity level today.

Tomorrow's another day. Thanks again for following along and leaving me such wonderful, supportive comments. More later.

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  1. Bravo! walking! this is the best! It seems so hard to squeeze that in and yet we have two legs that were meant for walkin' ahem
    We were at the dog park today and heard about a lady who decided not to stand and watch her dog run around chasing other dogs. She walked around the park while her dogs ran around with their acquaintances. I have also heard that standing up uses more calories than sitting down. Unbelievable. A friend smugly told me he was exercising while the rest of us lounged about at a picnic. I thought he was a dope but it turns out that it's true.
    Nikole/web identity